IT Staffing

We recognize the need for our clients to bring short term, long term and flexible labor into their companies to meet their staffing needs.  We deploy resources with specialized skill sets ranging from data analysis to development which will meet an organization's needs from 3 months to up to 2 years.  Monument Technology Group has developed a staffing and sourcing arm of our business to serve our customers better.  As both a Service Provider and Staffing firm, Monument Technology Group has a number of positions available in the marketplace.  The hiring process can be unpredictable and can go from only being a couple of days long for candidates that we have worked with before to as long as few months for new candidates, especially for our external clients.  Due to this variability, please let the Monument Technology Group teams know if you have any time constraints with respect to a role.  Candidates who get to the interview stage will be notified if the position is filled by another applicant. Our process is as follows:

Preliminary Screening

A Monument Technology Group coordinator will review the skill sets and qualifications for all candidates seeking consideration for a position and will identify the resumes and candidates from our database that most appropriately align with the job requirements. The Practice Lead reviews the candidate qualifications and selects a list to be interviewed.


Video Screening

The Monument Technology Group Practice Lead will contact the candidate to gather additional information, such as depth of technical/professional knowledge, availability for interviews, salary expectations, non-compete clauses, etc.  Typically, this step is done via Skype or other video conferencing technology.  At Monument Technology Group, we feel this method of screening helps us get to the right candidates faster.

In-Person Interviews

The next phase is typically an in-person interview. When we move to the in-person interview stage, we have whittled the candidate list down to a small handful of candidates. Typically the interview process includes speaking with three Monument Technology Group associates.  We may ask you to prepare a mock design or create a short presentation based on our client’s job requirements. Will we let you know well ahead of time if anything is required.  At this point, a job application must be completed in order to continue the process. We understand how frustrating it can be for candidates to interview for roles and to never hear back from a company. We will notify any candidate who makes it to the In-Person interview stage where he or she is in the process.

Background Checks

The vetting process is very important to Monument Technology Group and we will perform a full background check, including employment history, references, educational qualifications, drug screening, criminal and financials for preferred candidates.  We take this aspect of the hiring process very seriously. 

We Will Then and Only Then, Pass the Resume Along To You

At Monument Technology Group, we want our customers involved in the hiring process, so we will typically offer our clients the opportunity to speak with the leading candidate before any offers are extended.  It is important to us to ensure that diligence has been performed before we get to this stage.  If the client is satisfied with the candidate and the background checks meet our standards, Monument Technology Group will convey a formal offer. This package will include base salary, a summary of benefits and estimated Monument Technology Group contributions to their costs. Normally we would expect the candidate’s decision on the role within three to five business days.