Monument Technology End User Bill of Rights

At Monument Technology, it is critical to us to ensure that our customers understand what they can expect from our services.  This is where our "Bill of Rights" comes in.  The following rights outline at a minimum what our clients can expect from Monument Technology Group and what we need from you as our client to successfully deliver outstanding services.  We truly use these as our guiding principles and will regularly refer to them during our relationship. 

Your Rights as Our Customer:


1.        Product and Service Quality

·         You have the right to high quality and reliable end user products and services whose performance meets your  business  requirements.

·         You have the right to timely service as agreed to for each of our customers.

·         You have to right to ongoing estimates of how long work will take, and can expect that we will prioritize work based on business impact.


2.       Professionalism and a Respectful Workplace

·         You have the right to an unsurpassed user experience including expedited support and resolution.

·         You have the right to interactions with well trained and empowered support personnel.

·         You have the right to be treated with courtesy, respect, and understanding throughout our work together. 


3.       Ownership and Accountability

·         You have the right to an advocate and facilitator to expedite the resolution of your issue.

·         You have the right to a clear root cause or work around with resolution before your work ticket is closed


4.       Access to Information and Documentation

·         You have the right to comprehensive and intuitive procedures and tools that are readily accessible and improve your computing experience.

·         You have the right to understand your computing platforms and how they are used.  An informed user is a far more productive user.

·         You have the right to documented processes that are easily understood and followed. You also have the right to clearly defined instructions that are tailored to the needs of your business rather than technology.


5.       Effective Communications 

·         You have the right to timely and effective communications in non-technical language.

·         You have the right to be free from excessive and/or ineffective communications and product announcements.


6.       Escalation

·         You have the right to escalate and be heard. If you see something that is not working well or inefficient, we ask that you to raise your concern to us for improvement.  In addition, you have the right to escalate to any and all appropriate levels of management as we welcome feedback.

            7.       Technology Uses

·      You have the right to use any device, operating system, screen size, and to use that device anywhere without concern about data security. 

·       You have the right to consolidate devices into fewer, more effective devices through programs such as BYOD or virtualization.  We welcome it.


Your Responsibilities as Our Partner:


1.       Opening A Ticket

·         Ticket prioritization is performed based upon pending tickets that are in queue and the service level agreements in place. Please make sure you always open a ticket before engaging our team. We do understand that from time to time escalations will be required. We cannot improve your computing environment if we do not have visibility into the problems within the environment.


2.       Timely Response

·         When you contact us for help, please ensure that you have available time to work with our support team. This may include giving up your system for a period of time to allow for appropriate troubleshooting.

·         We make every effort to service you as quickly as possible.  If we leave you a message, please return it as soon as possible to enable the timeliest resolution to your request.


3.       Onsite Support Required

·         Although our workforce is growing increasingly mobile and offers 24x7 phone support, not all problems can be solved remotely. Please understand that in some cases support can only be provided onsite during business hours (8am-6pm).

·         You may be asked to bring your machine in to the office for support, or ship equipment in for servicing.  If so, please make arrangements to do so at the earliest opportunity. We understand this approach is inconvenient for the end user and we will use it only out of necessity. Again, we will make EVERY effort to avoid this and will make it the method of last resort.