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Managed Technical Services

What Are Managed Services?

At Monument Technology, many of us come from large corporate IT environments.  Through our experiences, we understand the strengths (standards, strong technical abilities and specialization, economies of scale, volume pricing , detailed process) and weaknesses (rigidity of process, disconnection from the business requirements, silo-ed approaches, conflicting priorities) of the model.  The easiest way to think about Managed Services is that we are that large corporate IT department.  The key to our model is that we provide all of the strengths of your corporate IT and remove all of the weaknesses.  We become your virtual IT department. 

To perform this service, we have developed a couple levels of services around a fixed fee or fixed price per asset model. Services are prepaid on a monthly basis with a one or two year agreement.  Because of the relationship between you and Monument Technology, we can bring our tools, vendor partnerships and specialty skills to the table to reduce overall costs and significantly improve the reliability and functionality of your computing environment. 

Managed Service is what we do best at Monument Technology.  Our Managed Service plans have been developed to allow us to bring innovative tools and process to bear on your IT infrastructure.  Under our programs, we spend a significant portion of the time providing "care and feeding" for your computing environment. We do this behind the scenes in contrast to the reactive support offered by a break-fix team.  The Monument TotalCare suite of programs significantly reduces downtime for equipment and employees through our monitoring, proactive maintenance, and remote management.  Our tooling allows us to provide services to you, to any office in the world, at any time.  The MonumentCare program incorporates proactive maintenance activities with the infrequent need for reactive service through our simplified bundled offerings.

We like to think of Managed Services here at Monument Technology Group like a NASCAR team.  The vast majority of the work for a race is done before the race is ever run.  The plan is developed and tested weeks ahead.  The car is tuned and adjusted for the track.  The race starts and the pit crew re-fuels the engine and changes the tires as expected.  Many times we hear a driver comment on how the "car drove itself".  In a similar way, an effective managed service will have your computing environment running itself on race day. 

Why Would I Choose Monument TotalCare Program Over Break Fix?

Reduction of Variability: With any break-fix agreement, service costs can swing significantly.  In addition, resolution times are far longer for environments that are not consistently maintained and are not standardized.  With the Monument TotalCare program, you have a fixed rate for service that is understood from month to month.  You have planned/proactive maintenance that is performed during select and agreed upon windows.  You will view your IT infrastructure as a utility, like the lights in your house.  Your assumption that the lights will work, short of very minor unplanned maintenance (infrequent need to change the bulb). Your IT should run the same way and your expectations should be the same.

Cost:  Reactive support is expensive.  With reactive services, we need to have a larger force of people standing by and "on call" to take your call or to be onsite to service your issues.  Due to variability of issues in an IT network, in this model we also spend a much greater amount of our time traveling.  In contrast, proactive services are much more planned, allow for more consistent volume and far less wasted capacity.  These savings are passed on to you.

Share the Responsibility:  At Monument Technology, we feel strongly that the service provider should be accountable to the client and should share the responsibility for the environment.  In the Monument TotalCare program, there are no hidden fees, overages or after hours charges.  We aggressively price your support with an assumed 20% minimum productivity improvement over a break-fix model.  At the end of the day, a break-fix IT Service provider needs systems to fail in order to generate revenue.  Here at Monument Technology, we know that constantly working break-fix issues will erode customer satisfaction.  It is in our best interest to have your computing environment running efficiently in order to raise customer satisfaction. Likewise, it is in your best interest to have your systems running in order to avoid expensive reactive support. 

What Are The Differences Between The Monument TotalCare Offerings?

All our service offerings have been designed with the health of your computing environment in mind.  Our services start at our Silver level and include the following as part of the fixed price program:

Onsite Troubleshooting                                     Network and Device Monitoring                                       

Fast Response Times                                          Software and Hardware Inventory

Help Desk Services                                              Remote Control and Support

Security / Anti-Virus                                           Device Patching and Management                                    

Software Installation

Our TotalCare - Silver level program takes a slightly different approach to pricing as it is based on a device-count based model.  Fixed monthly prices are available for each device type (desktop, server, network switch, etc.).  All maintenance and support for the support devices are covered.  This is an effective model for environments with 5-15 employees and one PC per user models. 

Pricing For Our Silver Option:
Per Desktop / Laptop                   $89/ mo.                                                                                                        

Per Server / Appliance               $279/ mo.

Per Network                                 $349/ mo.

Our TotalCare - Gold level program is our most popular offering and a fully managed solutions that is typically based on user counts and age of the hadware in your environment.  In addition to all services in our Silver package, Gold level subscribers are entitled to support for all of their business applications (trading apps, CRM, applicant tracking, etc), IT vendor management, network design reviews and business continuity planning.  This is the ideal solution for business in which users have multiple PCs and mobile devices.  Our Gold level program starts at $2,500 / mo.

The Monument TotalCare - Platinum service is our newest and most innovative offering yet.   In our Platinum offering, in addition to the Gold level services, we are including your entire computing environment.  Virtualized desktop, hosted email and virtual servers are the backbone to the offering, leaving nothing for you and your business to worry about.  There is only a small hardware investment required and from there you are ready for computing "anytime and anywhere."  We have nicely bundled this solution for you.  It is still your data and it is all registered in your name.  In this configuration, you can access your desktops and servers from any location as long as you have an Internet connection and a browser or our software client.  With the Platinum model we integrate your telephone service and PBX as well.  To top off this package, the solution grows easily with your business.  Pricing for our Platinum offering starts at $3,500/ mo.

Please review our Service Comparison page for More Details