XP Migrations

How many Managed Service Providers can say they have been responsible for the migrations of over 100,000 devices? Monument Technology can.

April 8, 2014 will be the final day that Windows XP is a supported operating system, so that will be the last time you will receive updates, bug fixes and Windows Update security releases.   And do not forget about Office 2003 as it gets to the end of its life as well.  Over 40% of businesses have not migrated to Windows 7 and are not prepared for April.  Monument Technology is well positioned to help your business.  Some of the areas of expertise for Monument Technology are:

Program Management


Image Creation and Testing

32 vs. 64 bit applications

Application Testing and Readiness

Hardware Compatibility

Deployment Services


Office 2003 Migration and File Conversions


If you have not completed your migrations or have not even started Contact Us.  We can help.