Software Licensing

In many mid-sized and large enterprises, software license management and compliance is a significant drain on technology teams. Compliance of distributed software is a moving target and desktop "mirroring" and lack of controls has caused issues for IT teams through audits, unplanned true-ups and last minute compliance work. Software licensing and compliance takes diligence, specialized tooling and some best practices to successfully implement. Typically, this is not an area that corporate IT teams have mastered, so Monument Technology has developed a software licensing/desktop profile and management offering for your business.

Our process is built on proven methods and technologies and typically progresses on the following path:

1.  Software Asset Management (installs and version vs. license ownership) data is reviewed.  In this case, many firms have this data available via the client management software (Altiris/SCCM/etc).  Typically, the top 10 software products are reviewed and make up 80% of the installed software.

2.  Contract review for top 10 titles is completed to understand terms and conditions in place.

3.  A software strategy, roadmap and life-cycle  is developed for the targeted software base. At this point, the software plan is published, and recommendations are made regarding software maintenance and future purchasing practices.  

4.  Licensing management process implementation - We give you the means to true-up, recover and redeploy licenses between associates.  

5.  We develop standard desktop profiles and configurations for each major department to use as a baseline that is within software guidelines.

5.  Optional implementation services and desktop profiling are also available to help implement the license management process.

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