Network Audit


Please note:  Monument Technology is offering a Free Inclusive Network Audit to all prospective customers from now until 3/31/2014.  Please Contact Us to schedule your appointment. 

A network audit is the process of collecting, evaluating and documenting an organization’s information systems infrastructure, practices and operations. Monument Technology Group provides a range of audits starting from a basic review of  network/Internet capabilities up to a full site audit. The type of audit would depend on your business needs and what you would like to achieve from the exercise.  

The key benefit of a network audit is to identify strengths and weaknesses in your technology. The audit will focus in the following areas:

  • The effectiveness of your infrastructure and platforms
  • Business productivity - Do you have the right tool for the right job?
  • System security and access to data 
  • Potential network vulnerabilities
  • Your readiness for disaster - natural or otherwise
  • Basic contract review with third-party providers (telephone, Internet, software platforms)
An action plan to remediate your company's deficiencies will be provided as part of the report.  

Why Do You Need a Network Audit?

An audit of your network is an essential part of any business network. The network audit takes your hardware, software and third-party vendors into consideration . To ensure security measures are met, your network needs to be monitored on a regular basis.  Items such as security patching, firewall audits and password policies are all part of our review process. 

The simplest action, such as adding new software or adding a new piece of hardware, can seriously affect your network security.

What Does a Network Audit Do?

Many businesses don’t understand the importance of a network audit. An audit will:

  • Gather information on each computer and its components
  • Gather all user accounts
  • Determine what shares are authorized
  • Audit the software of each computer to ensure its legality
  • Catalog fax machines, routers and even your printers

The audit helps determine if any computers linked to the network are running unauthorized software. If so, the problem can be addressed quickly to ensure your network security is not compromised. An audit will also ensure all your software that runs on the network is legal and current with the appropriate licenses. 

The Top Five Reasons Why You Should Have a Network Audit:

  • Determine weaknesses in your network
  • You will have a full inventory of all your hardware
  • You will also have a full inventory of all your software
  • Peace of mind that all the software on the network is legal with appropriate licenses

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